Thursday, January 7, 2010

Day 7: Weighing In

I am One Year into growing my hair for Locks of Love. After my husband trimming my hair this morning, I realized it would take two more years to make a proper donation. The hair needs to be at least 10 inches long from one tip of the ponytail to the next. Virgin hair is most preferable, but permed or colored hair is acceptable. No highlighted hair.

January 22, 2009

August 12, 2009

January 7, 2010

This morning was another moment of truth......I weighed in for the first time since my January 1st entry.......The scale was not looking so black and white anymore. I lost close to 4 lbs. Yeah, for progress. Mostly water weight, I am certain, but at least its heading down. The best part of the entire progress thus far is, I am already feeling stronger and not as easily out of breath.

P.S. I need a pedicure!

I only had a cup of coffee for breakfast this morning, because I was in a rush to get to my hair appointment. They only come along once a year. I'm married to the hairdresser, what can I say? I am the last one to get some TLC for my hair.

For lunch, I ate another bowl of the yummy hot & sour 10 vegetable soup from yesterday. I love having leftovers and not needing to cook ALL the time.

I also snacked one 1 small piece of dark chocolate and a serving of tortilla chips with tomato salsa. I really had a craving for both. I feel it's important to address our cravings instead or suppressing them. If we address them in moderation, it keeps us "on the wagon" instead of pushing us "off the wagon."

Dinner: Shrimp scampi over fettuccine. My own last minute throw down. A little bit of butter, some garlic, lemon juice, shrimp, and parsley. I should have kept track of the amounts of each, but I was in a rush. Babysitting another child today, and so I did not have the luxury.

No time to work out either, but as soon as I get off the blog tonight, I will at least go do 25 sit ups. I am unable to call it a day, unless I have attempted an exercise. Movement. Any kind, as long as its within your means.

Have a good night sweet friends and remember the journey to good living has just begun.


Annie said...

I think it's awesome that you are growing your hair out for such a great cause! I'm just growing no particular reason! Mine's been dyed and dyed again :o(

Also! Congratulations on the "water weight loss"! Haha. I'm right there with you, mama!!

I just wanted to offer some encouragement!

Are These Kids All Yours? said...

I've done locks of love a few times, usually takes 2 years to do it. It's worth a cancer survivor- I remember having friends without hair.

Trying to lose some weight too, but when you are depressed and waiting for some good news...not so easy.

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