Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Day 5: Day of Fasting

I was baptized Romanian Orthodox, and today is the Eve of the "Theophany" (the divine manifestation, God's appearance among men)of Our Lord & Saviour Jesus Christ. In plain English, the Baptism of Christ and when the worship of the Trinity was made manifest.

In the Eastern Orthodox tradition, this is 1 of the 12 great holidays. On the Eve we are in a Strict Fast. Fasting in the Orthodox faith is abstaining from all meats, dairy, and fish. Besides food:

"True fasting is the estrangement from evil, temperance of tongue, abstinence of anger, separation from desires, slander, falsehood perjury. Privation of these is the true fasting."
Saint Basil the Great

For more info on Fasting or the Theophany click on the words for the links.

Growing up in Romania, I can reminisce the gravity of following the traditions of the Church, especially in my grandmother's small town. On days of fasting, you did not do any chores. The dishes could be out to the roof of the kitchen and you did not touch them. The women in town prepared the day before in order to focus on just praying, Church attendance, and alms giving on the fast days.

It gave me so much comfort growing around that and I still get comfort from the little ole' Greek yiayia's at my church too. I respect anyone that can devote themselves and their time unconditionally. There are many blessings in that.

In the modern world, we make room for ways that we can alter the Scriptures to accommodate our daily lives. So much so sometimes, that we venture out from what was truly intended. Like I said, I am not one to preach, but it does make me sad that we have such little time for worship and reading the Bible.

Today, I took my little girl to Church and enjoyed the service and choir. I have been snacking all day, so there are no recipes to post. I had black coffee for breakfast, almonds & a pear for lunch, and chips & salsa for dinner. My focus today, was to learn about when Christ appeared in the Jordan River, to sanctify the waters and baptize man with the Holy Spirit. God did all of that for the forgiveness of OUR sins. A means of healing & restoring our souls. And a means of getting closer to Him and following in His path.

I am used to people who either don't believe or of different faith, making remarks or criticizing. Christianity is easily defend able. It teaches love, tolerance, charity, patience, unity, forgiveness, and hope. It's not about judging.
God can judge for himself, he needs US to help each other along.

This year I am aiming for balance. Balance of spirit & body!

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Pam said...

Good luck with your fasting.

I agree, it's all about balance of spirit and body.

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