Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Sentimental Ornaments

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My grandparents are both spending their Christmas in Heaven this year, but I wanted to make something to celebrate their memory. I decided to design an ornament with their photograph and give them as a gift to my father and his siblings.

I scanned the black & white photo into my computer First.

Second, I uploaded the photograph onto to have some fun with it. I used the blush feature in order to add some color to my grandmother's dress & my grandfather's belt.

Third, I saved my work and printed the image on normal paper with 4 x 6 dimensions to shrink it.

I traced the shape of the ornament onto the image. Cut it out and sealed it with Modge Podge onto the ornament. I did the same with the cranberry tissue paper and sealed it to the back of the ornament. I finished it with acrylic paint on the sides and front.

Easy as pie, I swear! And it will make a lasting impression on those family members you just don't know what to get this Holiday Season.

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Love that your going handmade! Great ideas Corn! we have a tradition to make at least one new ornament for the tree every year.. we haven't done it yet, other than B making a paper angel for our fake silver tree...
this is a good idea! love those scarves from yesterday too! Wish I could come CRAFT with you!

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