Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Crocheted Scarves

The first thing I decided to make are scarves!
Everyone could use a warm scarf around their neck for the winter.
This year is supposed to be a hard winter too,
so I thought it would be a real practical gift for the kids and adults alike.

I took one class where I learned the Basic Crochet. The single, the double, and the treble. The first scarf is a Wool-Ease yarn (at Michaels), using a 9mm needle and Double Crochet throughout. Added some fringes at the end! $13 total cost
and it can double as a blanket, I made it so long and thick.

The green scarf is for my oldest son, Ethan.
He picked out his yarn and is so excited to get it as a gift for Christmas. I used a 6 mm needle and single crochet. Cost $8. Not done with it yet, and I was considering sewing on a cool patch when finished.

The third scarf (on the right) is for my 2 year old niece in NY.
I used a multicolored yarn with a 6 mm needle. I began with 16 chains (needs to be multiples of 4), and for Row 2, you Sc in the first 2 sc, chain 3, and sc in the next sc, chain 3 and so on until the scarf is complete. Cost $2.99.

Overall, it took me approximately 3-4 hours per scarf and I cannot wait to wrap them.

It feels so good to make a gift for a loved one,
that is made with attention to detail and from the heart.


Gina @ The Shabby Chic Cottage said...

Those are gorgeous! I'd be excited to open one of those on Christmas morning!

Lily of the Valley said...

What a lovely idea and what pretty scarves. I still have the multi-colored scarf my sister crocheted for me several years ago, and I love it (it means a lot that she'd make something by hand for me). And way to go on the saving money bit!

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