Saturday, November 7, 2009

Today I Am Grateful For My Friends

I have been blessed with a handful of true, genuine, caring friends. Not the 100 list of friends I have on Face book, but the ones that are involved in my life during good times and bad times.

So, I wanted to make a list of the things that make my girlfriends so important to me.

  • Even though some of them are single, they hang out with me and my kids, instead of partying all night
  • They have unconditional love for my children, which has entitled them to becoming "aunties"
  • They are generous with what little they have
  • They are there to wipe my tears and build me up
  • They humor me with my grand ideas and adventures
  • They make me laugh
  • They support my faith, my marriage, my direction in life
  • They babysit for me free of charge
  • They always offer help
  • They are honest
  • They will always call me back
  • They follow through with their promises and expect the same from me
  • They are kindhearted and looking for the good in what life can offer them
  • They don't judge, they observe and give feedback
  • They are my family

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