Monday, November 2, 2009

Month of Blessings

November is National Adoption Month, Veterans Day, and it's the month that families and friends unite for Thanksgiving.

In November, we also realize that Christmas is right around the corner. Most of us go into panic mode, because we do not have enough money to purchase presents and spoil our kids efficiently. In 2009 that becomes even more evident when the majority of us have lost our jobs or taken a cut in pay. It's time to refocus on what is essentially important and what true blessings look like.

Slow down and take in what really makes our hearts tick and our souls flourish. I will be posting my Daily Blessings and would love to hear what you are also grateful for. Big and small! Let's not panic about Christmas, but give back it's true meaning in order to fill our spirits with bliss and joy, instead of anxiety and greed for things we don't really need.

Today I am grateful for helpful strangers

It's so easy to recognize people that may ruin our day on the way to work, or in the supermarket, or on the airplane, or at a collection agency. But what about the people that rescue our day?

Today, my husband and I, for the first time ever, ran out of gas and our car completely stopped. Thankfully, we were within walking distance of a gas station. However, after putting a gallon of gas in the car, it still did not start.

Along side of us, pulled over a generous woman, who called her husband (the mechanic) instantly, without us even asking her to. She hung up and advised us to fill up the car with at least 3-5 gallons of gas and then give it a whirl. She gave us her number, before taking off, in case we needed further assistance.

This woman was filled with loads of good will and helped us out of a frustrating circumstance.

My 4 year old, emphatically said, "Mom, thank God for that nice lady, right?"

"Right, Lance."

Thank God for her and all those strangers, whose names and faces we do not recognize, but are willing to go out of their way for others, out of the goodness in their hearts and pureness of their spirit.

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Are These Kids All Yours? said...

Thankful - we had that happen to us (back when it was only Jason & I) when we lived in Iowa- in the cold tundra of winter there. Thank the Lord that someone stopped and helped us get gas from his "farm stash", and then a lady followed us to a local gas station- about 10 miles away just to make sure we got there ok. YEAH JESUS for showing up through others when we need them :)

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