Saturday, November 28, 2009

Holiday Inspirations

What do you do when entering a charming store,
but this year you made a "Handmade Only" oath?
You get inspired!

Do you see anything in this picture that you can make
for a loved one for Christmas?

Maybe the Holiday Faerie can cast an artistic spell on you.......

Look closer....this is not your conventional frame.
It's been cut out of fabric and placed
strategically around the store.

Hmmmmmm, that would make a novel gift, don't you think?

How about making your friends and family silk padded hangers,
so they can get rid of those "wire hangers".
Joan Crawford would be proud.

There are so many possibilities out there.......
come back to see the ones I chose as of December 1st.


Rannyjean said...

Wonderful, wonderful and here I was worried about Christmas gifts!

Lily of the Valley said...

Making gifts sounds great; in fact, I'm planning on giving my spiritual mentor a handmade gift. Now for little ones, especially nephews, that may not be as optimal.

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