Thursday, October 22, 2009

Day 3: Grocery Challenge Meals

I am almost half way through my challenge! Here are some of the observations I've made along the way.

a. when you need to consume all that you have purchased for $50, there is Zero waste
b. there is little trash
c. you end up eating proper portion sizes

Yesterday, we did not necessarily eat the lowest fat food content, but again the portions were smaller.

For snacks, we ate a lot of fruit and carrot sticks. Pears, apples & bananas. Drank a lot of water and tea.

Sunny side Over Hash
Cost per serving: .36 cents

.88 cents for potatoes
.5 cents for onion
free tomato from garden
.50 cents for 5 eggs
.25 cents shredded cheese
.10 cents for oil/butter
.2 cents for seasonings

Total $1.80 divided by 5 = .36 cents per serving (shown above)

Note: you can shred your own potatoes. I purchased a bag of Simply Potatoes sold in the Egg Section at King Soopers for .88 cents per bag.

Hoisin Glazed Drumsticks Over Rice
Cost per serving:
.72 cents (includes 2-3 drumsticks per person)

.10 cents for rice
3.00 for 15 drumsticks
.50 cents for hoisin & seasonings
.50 cents for chicken stock

Total $4.10 divided by 5 = .72 cents

Ice Cream Wednesday
(My son thought it should be called Wednesday instead of Sundae)
Cost Per Serving: .38 cents

.50 cents for 3 scoops of ice cream
.50 cents for cherries
.10 cents for bananas
.5 cents for chocolate syrup

Total $1.15 divided by 3 (only 3 of us tackled this one) = .38 cents per serving

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