Friday, October 23, 2009

Company's Coming

Tonight, I am having company over. Those of you that have followed me this week, know that I shopped for the entire week with $50.

Yesterday, we ate a lot of leftovers. Bagels in the morning, leftover drumsticks, and pasta for dinner.

Today, I want to use the groceries in my fridge, but still create something substantial and enticing for my friends to eat. I decided that I would cook a recipe from my Barefoot Contessa Book. It is baked chicken stew with biscuits on top. It's homey and makes a nice presentation. I will have to improvise some of the ingredients, but I do have 95% of what I need.

Not sure about dessert yet. Might just bake some cookies or make a pound cake topped with berries.

Come back tomorrow to see what I was able to entertain with, while remaining in my budget. Wish me luck!

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