Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Locks Of Love: Update

Recently my niece Amber, donated her gorgeous locks to Locks of Love. Locks of Love donates hair to children with cancer who need wigs but cannot afford them. They use your donated hair to customize the hair color and hair style.

Click here to view guidelines for donations.

The day Amber donated her hair, I received this photograph on my cell phone with a message stating how proud she was to help another child in need. We are proud of you too Amber.

It's traumatizing enough for children to face a terminal illness, without the constant reminder in the mirror.

My hair has grown 4 inches since my first haircut on January 22ND. It will take approximately two years for it to grow to the desired length for a donation. In the meantime, I just sit back and let mother nature do its thing. Donating hair is probably one of the most effortless yet meaningful tasks you can achieve.

You have been blessed with a bounty of hair, now pay it forward, and allow a little girl with cancer to smile when she looks at herself with long, shimmering locks that she can brush and style daily.


Anonymous said...

Amber is going to love this blog about her! I cannot wait to show her tonight. Thanks. ;) xoxo

Erin said...

This is the most amazing thing anyone can do...just when you think you have nothing to give! I am growing mine out too, and can't wait to cut it off and send it in!!

Jack said...

Donating your hair is a wonderful thing to do, and it can really make a difference for someone dealing with cancer and cancer treatment. Well done. And for some extra inspiration on the subject, I invite you and your readers to check out this video -- -- about the "aha moment" of a woman facing cancer herself and her decision to donate her hair. It's a very nice story. Hope you enjoy.


Rannyjean said...

A huge hug for Amber. My granddaughter had her hair cut for the first time in 6 years & told the lady, I need it back for the kids who need wigs! All of you who do is are so inspirational!

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