Wednesday, August 5, 2009


August 6Th marks the 64TH year since Harry Truman ordered an atomic bomb called "Little Boy" to get dropped on Hiroshima, Japan killing over 140,000 innocent lives. Three days later, he dropped a second bomb killing 80,000 more. The Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park is dedicated to World Peace and the desire to rid our lives of nuclear weapons forever.

This year I am asking all my fellow bloggers to dedicate their blog on August 6TH to Peace. Create your post with images of peace, words of peace, inspirations of peace, and ideas of peace. Lets all link to one another so we can spread the word, that WAR is not an absolute of our existence. If you do not have your own blog,

Post A Comment on Peace instead.


If we did not spend trillions of dollars on nuclear weapons, how we could aid other nations in conquering poverty, hunger, disease, etc. Not to mention everyone in our country would have full medical benefits.

If our children did not go to War, there would be no need for "the letter" delivered at the door.

If dads & moms did not go to War, their children would not be orphans.

If we lived in peace, we would not be scared to travel to countries that "opposed" us. We would not be suspicious of stangers on an airplane.

If we lived in peace, the Presidents around the World could discuss how to improve the quality of our lives, instead of how to stop nuclear advancement.

If we lived in peace, we would extend our existence.

I read a book called The New Earth that speaks a lot about the Human Ego and how it strives to be placed in a category and belong to a group. We have created a lot of resistance and resentment due to the Human Ego. Think about your own. Folks we were all created Equally. We may come from different cultures with different beliefs, but in the end we are all of the Human Race. Idealistic, probably, but also very factual.

To end my post I will talk about a little girl Sadako, who died of Leukemia at the age 12 from the pollution that was left behind by the atomic bomb in Hiroshima. Her best friend brought her a paper crane which in Japanese tradition, if you fold 1,000 of them, your wish will be granted. Desperate to defeat leukemia, she began folding cranes, but unfortunately died after folding her 664TH one. Her classmates finished making the remainder and now a statue of Sadako covered in 1,000 cranes stands in Peace Park.

No one wins when War is waged. Do we need a "Super Power" in this world? If we were all Equal why would anyone need to stand mightier?

*Facts in my post retrieved from a book titled "The 100 Best Volunteer Vacations To Enrich Your Life."

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