Monday, August 10, 2009

If You Want To Get Ahead, Then Get A Hat

The world could never produce too many HATS......
wisdom according to Corn.
My icons, Audrey Hepburn & Jackie-O set the stage for elegant hats.
A hat draws attention and makes a stronger impression than any other accessory.

My fondest memories of shopping as a young girl, was trying on straw hats, silk hats, felt hats, you name it, and executing my British Accent while asking my mother what she thought.

With a Hat you can escape to a different time and place. So what happened to them?

I rarely see anyone walking down the street with my favorite fashion statement. Must we reside at the Buckingham Palace to wear something so Fabulous? Must we star in Sex and the City to sport a new look?

What must we do to celebrate a tradition that dates back centuries and centuries ago?

In the meantime, my dear Katherine and I, will present our own Royal sense of style on Denver Boulevard.

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you look so great in that hat! kate is getting so big I can't even bare it... hugs to you all.

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