Sunday, August 23, 2009

Back To School

Hello fellow friends and bloggers,

Tomorrow both my sons start school, thus causing me to blog less. They need their mommy and I need them to be 100% effective in and after school. No matter how much I lie to myself that this blog does not take that much time, it does. I am always thinking of new things to post about. I am on the computer at night, when I should be watching a movie with my husband or going to bed at a decent time to be a restful mom in the morning.

Blogging can be addictive, just like Facebook and Twitter and all Internet venues. I must be "present" for my family "first" otherwise the "purpose" for this blog is a lie. And that folks is as honest as I can be.

So, I am wishing ALL the parents a successful back to school year.....and I will be posting on the weekends only. Do come back......

With sincerity,


1 comment:

Rannyjean said... always comes first and I feel ya on staying up late, etc. just to blog!

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