Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Utah: The Parade

We are back from an eventful week in Utah. So much to post. I decided the first post should be the Centerville 4Th of July Parade.

The kids had a blast between all the Eye Candy and regular candy thrown from all the classic cars passing by. Kate was being tossed around and smooched by everyone and anyone, including Auntie Shelli (below), Grandma, and Michelle (our new friend).

The Patriotism was evident at every step of the way between the American Flags in front of the homes, to the Jets flying above, to our troops marching in the street while the people stood up and cheered for them.

These hometown parades definitely captured my heart, because you are on the sidewalk making conversation with the residents, children playing together, and the crowds are well maintained. We had a fun time and the pictures below speak for themselves.

Afterwards, we reunited with friends and had a party that went til Midnight. Good times! And beautiful views. Utah really is a most breathtaking state.


Anonymous said...

Looks and sounds like you guys had an amazing time!! And Kate looked absolutely ADORABLE as always!!


Looks like you had a great load of fun! we;re off to MN sat. cabin livin...
hugs to all!

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