Friday, July 10, 2009

Utah: Loa

We finally made it to Loa. My small town destination.
So, what is in Loa?

One of the smallest Town Halls I have ever seen.

Sheep that are not used to visitors.

Open meadows and glistening streams.

Barns and tractors

All the makings for a peaceful day and appreciation of the simpler things in life.

While Loa is a small town, it is the Epicenter for Wayne County. The elementary school, shopping, and all activities take place here.
Don't underestimate a mini-destination, it too serves its purpose.

I chose the location because of its population, later to discover that it is next to the Capitol Reef National Park and Goblin Valley. What a bonus!! Life does not hand you opportunities by accident.

Wayne County is made up of a few small towns one of them
called Bicknell.
What's in Bicknell?

I was beside myself when I heard of the Pickle & Pinto Bean Pie.
How perfect! I mean sounds kind of nasty, but what a great topic for my blog.I wanted to be your personal guinea pig and try this and report about it.

Mrs. Ekker is a famous Pie Winner and she has sold her place since, but they have remained true to her recipes which made her famous.

Opened my mouth and had the first bite trying to envision what pickles or pinto beans would taste like with a "spoonful of sugar" and some whip cream. I guess anything with whip cream works, right?

Dove in and WOW this is delicious. Very reminiscent of the perfect Pumpkin Pie with all the seasonings; nutmeg,cinnamon, etc. I loved it!!!

The pickles in the pie were similar to lime in a cake that gives it just the correct amount of tartness. You might think I'm crazy, but I could see how this place stays so busy.

Also ate the best Cod Sandwich, and I have eaten in a lot of places. I walked away feeling quite cheery and satisfyingly full. I told Kurt how Sunglow exceeded my expectations and how glad I was to stop by.

Afterwards we retreated at our B&B, The Muley Twist Inn.
Rocked in our rocking chairs with the children in our laps watching the Full Orange tint Moon and star filled sky.

Come back tomorrow to read about our last adventure before heading back to Colorado.The Capitol Reef and Goblin Valley.

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I will have to look in my box of cookbooks that are in storage and find my Pinto Bean Cookbook. Hope this pickle and bean pie recipe is in it.
Gail Lang

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