Thursday, July 9, 2009

Utah: Fairview

After leaving Centerville, we took a drive on the wide open road (HWY 89) on our way to discover one of the smallest towns in Utah called Loa.

Before reaching our destination we had to stop for the kids to use the potty. We stopped in Fairview, Utah (completely unplanned) and just happened to park our car in front of a Museum.

On the outside all we saw was a yard full of old wagons and machinery. The vines and greenery hid two entrances to the museum and we decided to go in and check it out.

What we saw inside was so magnificent and educational and fun for the kids.
I only posted a few photographs because I think I snapped about 200 inside.

Aren't you glad our kids do not have to eat in these chairs?
The first walkers were even scarier looking.
So glad for the new safety features.
And yet the infants all survived back then too.


I took a pic of this Quilt because the sign says that it took 120,000 stitches to make
which I found fascinating!

How would you like to get your hair permed with this baby?

Phone switchboard

Food choppers have definitely come down in size since then.
Thank you Cuisinart!

Being the 4Th of July weekend I was moved by this sculpture of one of the greatest Presidents, Abraham Lincoln.

We spent over an hour at the Museum and the boys loved it so much that they
wanted us to stop in every town and go to one.
If you are ever in town, do stop by. I guarantee you will not be disappointed.
Such a wonderful hidden treasure.

After Fairview we drove through Manti, Utah and at the end of a barren road stood this fort that reminded me of the Windsor Palace in England (not identical, but just as grand).
This is the Mormon Temple in Manti and truly a marvelous structure with colorful flowers and crisp green trees surrounding it. Come back tomorrow to see what finally happens when we arrive in Loa, population 524.

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