Monday, July 13, 2009

Southern Utah: Capitol Reef & Goblin Valley

Southern Utah is truly Mother Nature's Blessing!
It is a playground for adults and children alike.
We were so thrilled to spend our last day at the
Capitol Reef and Goblin Valley before heading back home.

Enjoy our tour!

One of the largest Cottonwood Trees we have ever seen!

The boys amused by the intensity of their echoes.

We found a little lizard friend that ran around with us.

Mud tiles!

Now off to Goblin Valley. The last trip my husband took was in his teens and was nostalgic at the thought of being back there. He could not stop bragging until we arrived.

Welcome Alice In Wonderland to a place filled with Giant Mushrooms made of red rock.

Ethan and Lance were off! What "rocks" about this place is that your kids have free range of the entire park. So much sand and soft landings that there is no need to worry, just to allow them to have a grand ole' time.

Even Kate was brave enough to climb on her own ;)

I cannot put into words how amazing Goblin Valley is. We had a blast!
Great place for Hide and Seek!

People of ALL ages would enjoy it.


Anonymous said...

What gorgeous pictures, and kids!!! ;) Glad to see you guys had a wonderful time.

glang6742 said...

So much to see in Utah. What a beautiful state. The picture are fantastic.

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