Sunday, July 5, 2009

The American Blessing

The 4Th of July is an emotional time for me. A time of pride, gratitude, and sheer relief that my father brought me to this land.

I was born in Romania, and even though I left as a young child (8 years old) I remember all too well about my life in a communist country. I remember how we were terrified to speak our minds because we could be arrested. I remember only two hours of electricity and two hours of warm water a day. I remember standing in lines for an eternity just to purchase some meat or bread. I remember TV only on the weekends and a choice of Channel 1 or Channel 2. I remember not having a choice in the line of work you did.

While those experiences were suppressive and terrifying, it gave me an appreciation for the United State of America that most children took and still take for granted. I cannot look at a Flag or hear the National Anthem without my eyes instantly welling up with tears. I do not believe in War much, but I am so honored and proud of our soldiers.

I love our country for the quality and the possibility of our lives. It may not be perfect, but it's the most accommodating nation in the world.

On Wednesday, I will post photographs of the Parade that we attended in Utah and the spirit of the 4Th that was felt by children and adults alike.

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