Thursday, June 18, 2009

Vote And Win A Book

OK, I still need more votes fellow bloggers.
I only have 14 comments out of the 70 of you that visited yesterday.
Right now it stands at a tie between Water Rafting and The Zipline.
I need a tie breaker! Don't be shy, Leave A Comment on the 100th Blog Post at the end of this page!!!!!
After today, I will announce the winner, so check back tomorrow morning.

For all of you that took the time to vote, Thank You, and I have enjoyed visiting your blogs as well.
Good luck in the Giveaway.

One last note,
Thank You, to Mama Kat for posting a link to my blog on her Prompts yesterday. Please take the time to visit her hysterical site. She is a guaranteed chuckle for the day.

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