Friday, June 26, 2009

My Life In Ruins

In my original post I asked for your votes to review a movie that could/could not wait for DVD, so that you do not spend your money at the Movie Theater during the recession.

I received two votes for "My Life In Ruins". I grabbed my friend Sasha, who was giddy to give me a drive test in her new Nissan, to the movie with me for a 9:20PM showing at The Landmark in Greenwood Village. I heard that it was a new movie theater in the DTC area with all the amenities. The theater has actually been in existance since 2007, but word has not completely hit the ears of Denver.

Entering the Landmark, you feel as though you have stepped into the Lounge of a 4 Star Hotel. Purchased our $12 tickets (includes all you can eat Popcorn & Sodas).

We arrived early and were drawn to the Deluxe bar area slightly to the right hand side of the Entry Door. I had a lovely glass of Penfolds Shiraz. We sat around and caught up on our lives as the tragic news of Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson's deaths played in the background on a flat screen TV aired on 20/20. The events of our lives, including the gloomy weather and sad celebrity outcomes was enough to bring anyone down, but I was looking forward to a slapstick comedy to lift our spirits.

We sat down in the lush seats with 10 other pedestrians starving for laughter and awaiting anxiously for the movie to begin. The movie opened up with breathtaking views of Santorini, Greece and, already I was homesick for a country I am not a native of.

Georgia (Nia Vardalos), a teacher who became a tourist guide for Pangloss Tours, yearns to teach the tourists about the architecture and history of Greece vs. the mindless tourism activities such as, shopping for souvenirs and eating ice cream. Her competition is Nikko, the lively tour guide who gives the tourists the cheap thrills they are seeking.

Georgia is in Group B with the rundown bus and accommodations and Nikko is Group A with all the desired ins and outs. Georgia has lost her kefi (Greek for "spirit" "mojo") and is a real drag to her group. She rediscovers the small joys of this country she moved to, for a man, by being "open" to all the possibilities.

The movie started off slow and I was anticipating the shift that would turn this movie into "I peed my pants" moment that Julia Roberts experiences at the Opera in Pretty Woman. Unfortunately, the Opera would have been a lot more bearable than the dialogue and pace of this flick. Maria, Georgia's boss in the movie, adequately states, "You're not funny, stop trying." I felt that sentiment over and over again over the dull 1 hour that I managed to view the movie. I kept falling in and out of sleep several times, and it wasn't because of the time.

Folks, I would not even recommend this movie for DVD.....the Redbox $1 is still too much. If you are absolutely curious wait to get it on their Free Wednesdays promotion. The setting and cast had potential for another Nia Vardalos classic, but fell short every step of the way.

We got up and left before the movie ended, which I have not done in 12 years, and refused to leave without some sort of compensation for my time and broken expectations. I approached the manager, and requested vouchers to a free showing next time around. He obliged without hesitation.

I hope this will help save your money and time from a BORING and NO CHEMISTRY CAST movie in June.

Please save me in July by Posting Your Votes for something a little more worthwhile.

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Anonymous said...

At least the movie theater was GORGEOUS... thanks for the review Corn. You took one for the team.

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