Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My Fate In Your Hands

As I was preparing to enter my next post, I realized that this was my
100th Blog Entry! What's a stay-at-home mom of 3 to do?
CELEBRATE of course.

I had a glass of my favorite Zin!

As I sipped, I thought about why I started to blog and how
my ideas and goals have changed over the past 5 months.
I've had my ups and downs, because as a blogger you understand
that it takes a lot of time and consideration
about the content you are going to share with others.
In celebration of my 100th Blog Post,
I am having my first GIVEAWAY, because let's face it,
that's what interests all of us.
Not so need to earn it first.
I have decided to put my LIFE IN YOUR HANDS!

Below are 4 activities
that I am absolutely TERRIFIED of,
but since this is a BLOG about living with PURPOSE,
I want to conquer my fears and need your HELP!

Please take the time to POST A COMMENT below with a link to your site or e-mail address and vote on the activity and
WHY I should do it.....I need to have AT LEAST 50 Comments
in order for me to Risk My Life.

Go ahead and have some fun at my expense.
When you POST A COMMENT you will automatically be entered for a chance to win the 9x13 The Pan That Can Book (valued at $19.95). It's perfect for working or stay-at-home individuals that don't always have 10 hours to cook a Gourmet Meal.

I will announce the winner once I recieve AT LEAST 50 comments.
You will be notified via e-mail.
Spread the word, hummingbird!

No.1 : The Zipline
I weigh a lot

No. 2: White Water Rafting
I do not know how to swim

No.3: Paragliding
Horrified of heights

No. 4: Hot air ballooning
I cannot believe the FAA approved this.....what do you think?
Do I look like Jay Leno?


Tara said...

Hi! You could for sure do the white water rafting bit! Go when the river is low--not this time of year. You'll find it a bit boring if you go when it's low enough! And you'll of course be wearing a life jacket--so you'll be fine. Those other things in the sky? I'm just not sure!

Victoria at Bumble Beans told me you're just beginning to quilt and I wanted to tell you about the quilting retreat we're having at a b & b in Fort Collins in November! Amanda Jean from crazymomquilts is going to be here! Mark it on your calendar now for the 6-9 of November and I'll send you the info if you're interested!

Anonymous said...

OK Corn.. go for the Paragliding! Zipline is easy peezy... I would choose diving but it's not on your list love the cut and paste pics.. lol love, kat

theresapop129 said...

I just totally laughed my a*s off!!!!!!! You totally looked like Jay Leno in that hot air balloon pic!! My vote is for zip lining!! Ever since I started watchig GO Diego Go I've wanted to go myself! (And FYI you sooo don't weigh alot, stop exaggerating!!)

kimmyshouse said...

Congrats on the 100th blog! you have twice as many posted as I do!

I vote for paragliding if you want to go solo.

Hot Air balloon if you want to bring Kurt!

NO on the rafting. Scares me to death!

Zip line is too easy, use it as a warm up for a scarier excursion/

Mama Kat said...

You know how to have a good time!!! Zip gliding looks most fun to me.

Michelle said...

I just found you blog and am delighted! Try the zip line. I've done it plenty of times - it's totally fun and goes by very quickly. Leaves you immediately wanting to go again!

Mrs. Lopez said...

I am not responding for the prize, but rather the saftey of my neighbor who is also my very good friend. I want you around for awhile as I am sure your husband and chilren do. Since, you are afraid of heights and cannot swim, I would suggest the zip line. The zip line is easy -I've done it before- and it would be a great way to conquer your fear of heights without getting CRAzzzy. Start small and work your way up. In fact, I would paraglide and hot air balloon with you if Kurt wasn't interested. I think it looks fun. It just wouldn't be the first thing I attempted if I was afraid of heights. Goodluck! Let me know what your plan is and I will be there to support you. I have your back girl! :)

Isabel Princes said...

Zip line all the way!

Anonymous said...

Miss Corinne...
This is a toughie...I've gone white water rafting and it's a blast!

Zipline looks fun, but probably doesn't last long. If you're going to face your fears, it better last a while!

Paragliding I've never done, but it's an opportunity to view the world from a bird's persepctive.

Hot air ballooning, looks fun, but kind of boring.

I vote for Paragliding!!! ~ Joni

Erin said...

Ohhh I'd go for the white water rafting, used to do it all the time and I can't wait for the boys to be old enough to go! I hope you make it to 50 comments!!

K said...

White water rafting. I've been a bunch, even down the Colorado through the Grand Canyon, and I've never been thrown out once. Besides, they make you wear a life jacket- even if you do get tossed, you'll bob up! :-)
Congrats on the 100th post! (isn't CO beautiful?)

Melissa said...

Totally voting for rafting, double your fun and come to New Zealand to do it (it's only a :::little::: cold here right now I promise!).
Hot air balooning looks fun-ish, save that for when your 75 and then you'll be all stoked on how you're still living life on the edge!

Anonymous said...

I say the zipline, not because it is easy but fun. I'm not crazy about your other choices because I want you around to raise my grandkids. Love you, Gail

Kendra said...

I would go paragliding if I were you. My aunt and uncle in their who are sixtish go paragliding all the time. Go for it!


You are to funny corn. I say zip line. nothing wrong with easy as far as I an concerned. Besides, i want to do it, and I can then live precariously through you! ;-) I've done the hot air balloon. glad I did it but will never do ti again....But I got some great pictures.
100th post! congrats! that went very fast! hows the quilt blocks coming?

Mirela said...

Congrats Corn on your 100th!! Because I care about you and don't want to scare the begezzy out of u..- say zipglidding! I did white water rafting and almost died!! Unless the current is very low..good luck and can't wait to see what fear u have to conquer!! Xoxo

Ashley said...

I'm terrified of heights! You could not pay me to get in that hot air balloon or do the paragliding! The zipline looks fun, but I wonder how high off the ground it is? I've been white water rafting many times. It is a lot of fun, but it might be scary if you cannot swim. (It also depends on what class rapids you are going through!)
You are brave to put your fate in the hands of others! OK, you asked for a vote. Mine would have to be the zipline!
Congrats on your 100th post.

Dani Cavanaugh said...

Hey girl!!! I am pleasantly surprized at your new spirit for adventure. I would go for all of them except the paragliding. Start with the zip line, then hot air balloon, then end with the rafting bit. Any ony you choose you will have a blast. Congrats on you 100th blog..(that is so cool). Have fun.
Love ya!

Sylvia said...

I vote for No. 3 Hot Air Ballooning. Juliette and I went to the see the movie UP and we LOVED IT. A man goes on an adventure by placing tons of ballons to his house in order to keep his promise to his wife. I think you will have a great a time floating on air. :-)

Jenna Z said...

Zip line, for sure! It will be over before you even know it Quick, (though I'm sure not quite painless) and it is pretty passive, just let the roe take you where it will. :)

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