Sunday, June 14, 2009


If there was ever a day that you could do over again, what would it be? A split second decision........

I woke up this morning feeling tired, but I needed to get to church on time....Kate's second Sunday since her Baptism. The entire family was supposed to go along, but Lance and Ethan claimed they were "Lazy". Why did I not beg? Why did I not demand their presence? Why? Why? Why?

I left with my little girl and attended a calm and inspiring service. I drove home listening to K-Love music, spiritual and relaxing. I was not going to have anything stop me from making Today "The Day" to change my state of mind and soul. I would run up to my husband and kiss him, and love my children, and neighbor as thyself, and make the Lord happy.

Instead I came home enraged!!! This picture pretty accurately captures my state of being...........

when I saw THIS.........what the $@#! Lord have mercy on me, but right now I am going to kill my husband. Lance rolled around the corner, hollering "Look Mom we got a Mohawk."

Shock, terror, tears, anger, you name it I felt it. What happened to my sweet little boys? There was no way I would be seen in public with these new "rebels of society."

Let's backtrack, my husband is the one with the brilliant idea of giving the boys a Mohawk, but we never absolutely agreed on it. The boys were excited, but not absolutely certain. The word sounded cooler than the actual look of it.

While I was in church, my husband took the liberty and gave it to them. If I only would have taken the boys with me, I would still be in a place of Zen right now.

I know what you are thinking, "It's only hair........yes, I would normally agree......." Today, I will say that their hair means everything to me...I WANT IT BACK!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!

I am considering wigs, maybe a RASTA HAT with the attached dreads, hair club for tots, just not this. This is not why I was in labor for 24 hours. I can handle the boys experimenting with make-up or my daughters jewelry, but not MOHAWKS.

Then I thought about quilting and that made me smile....colorful, sweet, bright patterns. It only took me
9 hours of sewing with my neighbor Maria to put four blocks together. I am on a roll! We are going to make Saturday our quilting day of exchanging tips, knowledge, sipping on wine, complaining about our spouses, dealing with midlife crisis, and good ole female bonding. I need about 10 quilts to make me forget about today.

Lord, give me the strength to make tomorrow a day of solitude.

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Helen said...

I love the haircuts !!!
I totally understand about not fully agreeing on the haircut and hubby does it while you are away. That I would be mad at.
BUT, being the mom of 3 who are now 32, 31, and 28, this is really kinda funny. I even clicked on the pic to enlarge.. to get a good look. Enjoy these crazy moments. These are only small things in the grand scheme. Just my opinion. :)It will grow out, too.
P.S. love your blog.

Anonymous said...

Okay please forgive me for laughing hysterically b/c I too would KILL my husband after doing that to my little boys... you MUST invest in some hats for them and crazy glue them on until it grows back!!! What do the boys think of their new cuts???


Hilarious! Corina, that is so your husband. Look, B had Blue hair in kindergarten, now, to her, it's not a big deal. Better to get it out of there system now! HUGS!!!! ;-)
They boys seem to be rocking it!

OH! and Hello?! Your blocks! YIPEEE!!!!

They Rock! well done Girl! How exciting to watch you learn to quilt!

Ashley said...

I can not believe he did that!!! I would have freaked out completely!! The good news is that it will grow back :)
p.s. they are still super adorable!

Anonymous said...

When I read this blog I could not stop laughing. At least the Mohawk can be buzzed. Be glad they have mohawks at age 4 and 6 and not at 18. Look at it this way, you won't have to remind them to comb their hair until after school starts. Kurt was on a roll I am surprised Sally doesn't have a mohawk and good thing Kate's hair is too short. XOXO Gail

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