Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Fishing In The Rain

"Hear my words,
And listen."
My husband's quote to me this morning!

My words to him,
"Honey, I don't think we should go fishing in the mountains,
it looks awfully cloudy."

His response,
"It will be sunny on the other side."

Songs on the radio included the lyrics,
"Turn this car around"
"Take me home."

No joke!

Even Kate at the age of 8 months seemed concerned.

Down pour, hail, sleet, and yet we forged forward for 2 1/2 hours.
No sun, 40 degree weather, and certainly NO FISHING.

Instead we stopped and ate Pizza at the Pizza Parlor.
1/2 Cheese 1/2 Greek!
Yummy, although I am pretty sure we would've had that
in Denver, where it was currently 86 degree weather.
Sometimes its about the adventure. Right?

The boys got to play PAC-Man and Pinball.
We took JR, who is 13 and Mirela's nephew.
He must have thought we were out of our tiny minds,
but is too polite to say so.
The boys love having him around.

I go to Breckenridge all year long and this was the first time
I noticed this cute little Quilting Store.

I took a picture of this quilt for my friend V on Bumble Beans
because her new hobby are Batiks
and this is a Batik Quilt.
I did purchase a book by Eleanor Burns titled It's "El"ementary.

I was also charmed by this Tepee!
I would love to sew one for the boys
to use in the backyard this summer....
will work on that one and keep you posted.

Breckenridge would not be Breckenridge without a sweet treat.
These cookies were definitely a treat...it took both hands to eat.

To bake cookies at home of this proportion,
use a full sized ice scream scoop to place cookie batter on parchment paper.

What started out as a stormy and unpromising day, ended up quite delightful.
We did have an opportunity to fish for 10-15 minutes between clouds. I couldn't help
compare the grass to my boys hair today....I know I need to get over it.
I am REALLY trying.

Family time is precious no matter where and how you spend it.
Today we had plenty of smiles and happy bellies.


Ashley said...

What an adventure - (the cookies looked worth the effort!) I can't tell you how many times the same thing has happened to us. One year in Winter Park, we watched 4th of July fireworks under an umbrella...it was snowing!

linda said...

Fun Story. Sometimes it is about the journey! Have a great rest of the day.

Anonymous said...

I loved the beginning probably because I can hear the conversation. This CRACKED me up. Great story, loved the ending.. and good job on getting over "IT". love, kat

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