Thursday, May 21, 2009

Yesterday was an interesting day for me on the medical front.

Took Lance to the doc. He has been carrying a fever of 102 and coughing for 3 days.

Forget about a possible cold or virus, the only thing parents and adults think about anymore is
that it MUST be the SWINE FLU!!!!!!

Paranoia went through my mind before we even reached the doctor's office.

Ignorance is not BLISS!

If you are uncertain about a topic that scares you, EDUCATE yourself.
I asked my pediatrician a million questions.

What is the swine flu? Who licked the pig and spread it around?

After a chuckle, my pediatrician stated, that humans rarely contact swine flu directly.
What happened is the pig had swine flu when it came in contact with the human flu. The two exchanged genetic information and then it got transmitted back into a human (more than likely).
Once that occurred then it was spread from human to human.

Is this worse than the regular flu?

Right now it is being treated as the regular Influenza A.

If it's not worse why have so many people died in Mexico?

Because a larger population got hit all at once. The same outcome would have taken place if that many people contacted the flu.

How do you test for it?

Taken a sample of human mucus on a swab and place it in a tube with solution. The strip will turn either positive or negative within ten minutes.
Thank goodness Lance's came out negative.
Just an ear infection. Phew!!!!!

If it's being treated like the regular flu, will they still try and develop a new vaccine for the Swine Flu?

Yes. We are keeping an eye on it now that its in the
Asia's to make sure it doesn't morph into something more serious.

Hope my education gave you a little bit more insight on what occurs and to also calm your fears for now, despite all the media hype! Save it for when we truly have something to panic about.

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