Thursday, May 7, 2009


On Sunday, my friend Kathy & I walked for a charity called LIVE BIG created by a mom who's son, Nicholas Speights, died when a car driving through the neighborhood ran him over. She has raised funds to "Promote outdoor educational opportunities for youths and young adults, with an emphasis on outdoor safety and awareness." The LIVE BIG 5K Family Run is still young, only 3 years old, but growing in popularity annually.

The Live Big 5K Family Run is just one of thousands of 5K Walk/Run events available Nationwide. Take the opportunity to sign up for at least 1 Event this year and help make a difference. It is a wonderful way to donate, exercise, and meet new people.

Depending on the event, you can bring your dog and children too. Take advantage of a day to have an outing with those you love and give back to the community with love.

As you can tell, at this particular walk, we were very slow. Even the signage man made it to the finish line before us. We finished in 1hr 4 mins. At the FINISH LINE, the lady asked if there was anyone behind us? That really made us laugh.
At the end of the race, you receive a goodie bag full of treats, T-Shirts, coupons from sponsors, etc.
It was a sunny and meaningful day!

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