Friday, May 1, 2009


Yesterday, Ethan's school went on a trip to the Zoo.
Walking around I was getting the feeling that the animals were sending me a message. Corn, get some sleep. Take a nap! Rest!

Humans may have a much more functional brain, but I think animals in the end have the right idea. They stick to the basics and look pretty content to me.

We came home from the Zoo and all four of us passed out on the couch.
Normally, I would be the one to stay awake to complete some home task, but no today. My state of mind, well being, and body took priority. In the end,
a well rested parent is a better parent.

Sleep deprivation is a serious health risk, yet we all find ways to
justify why we cannot get enough. Lack of sleep leads to a shorter life, weakened immune system, stress, lack of productivity, car accidents, irritability, etc.
Today, take the time to slow down and recuperate.
Nourish your body with much needed
Wow, I almost fell asleep just writing that.

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