Thursday, May 14, 2009

Lost & Found

Yesterday afternoon, Lance decided to take my keys and misplace them. Ten minutes before picking up Ethan from school, I could not find them anywhere. Lance guaranteed me that he is a "good finder" and that he would locate them for me. The problem was, that he kept walking in the same circle around the living room without making any progress.

I became pretty angry because all I could think about was Ethan waiting for us and thinking that maybe we were not going to pick him up from school today. Maybe we would just let his teacher take him home this particular afternoon.

Two minutes before pick up, I spotted the keys in Lance's shorts pocket in his room.
Ran to the school, and as I had suspected, Ethan was alone playing games patiently waiting for us.

Normally, I would not have lost my patience with Lance the way I did if I did not need to pick up my first born.

What did I learn from the entire experience, besides that this is par for the course of being a parent?

Sometimes you need a good laugh after it is all done. At the end of the day, you need to step back and find humor in things that seem so trivial at that moment. Most things in our lives can be fixed, and sometimes we need to allow kids to be kids. I know I misplace my keys almost on a daily basis.

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