Friday, May 22, 2009

In India, the "untouchables" are lower than any of the Caste categories.

Today, I belonged in that category!

All afternoon, I was disposing of toddler waste!!

Go ahead, cringe, say "Oh Gross".

There are days that I cannot get away from it. I need to wash
every car seat and every pillow case and every mattress cover and every blanket.

"Mom, I peed my bed, I'm sorry."
"Mom, I peed on the bathroom floor, it was an accident."
"Mom, I fell asleep and peed on the car seat, I didn't know."
"Mom, I just couldn't hold it any longer."

With all the amazing technology out there,
how come no one has come up with a remote control for children?

Why can't I just push the PAUSE button while my son pees on himself,
so I can quickly slip a diaper on?

Why can't I push the MUTE button when I am trying to have a
conversation with my friends on the phone?

Why can't I push a REVERSE button when my oldest decides
its a good idea to throw Moon Sand all over my house?

Why can't I push the FAST FWD button when it's homework time?

And why can I not push the LAST CHANNEL button when the kids are asleep,
over and over again?

I know what you're thinking.......Corn this is an inspirational blog....
where is the "Purpose" in what you are saying?

Parents live their purpose everyday, glamorous or not. Most of the time NOT.
Who else would take care of the task if we did not have strong stomachs and patience?

Who would teach our kids right from wrong?

Put the toilet seat up and then down.
Don't belch after every sip of milk.
You cannot wear the same pair of underwear for an entire month.
You do not need 30 tissues to wipe your nose.
Swearing is not nice, it's strictly for parents.
The list goes on and on.
At the end of today, I was exhausted.

My cat throwing up all over my bedspread in addition to Lance's "accidents" did not help any.
Full time job, indeed, and then some.

In my world there are no "lunch breaks" or "cigarette breaks".

I am a 24/7 maid and counseling service.........what bigger purpose is there?

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