Friday, May 29, 2009

Ethan Turns 6....where did the years go??????

Today, Ethan turns 6, which leaves me perplexed!
Where did the time go?

I remember the 5 pregnancy tests I took to confirm that I was about to
give birth to a human being.
Total and utter shock when they came back positive every time.
The first time that I saw his perfect little face I was overwhelmed with raw emotions of love, joy, excitement, and shear exhaustion. I recall kissing his newborn face and his instant pout.I knew then that Ethan already entered the world with his own personality.

He was cute and so well behaved and always happy.
He could not rest unless it was in his swing with
his Boa (the fuzzy thing). He used his swing until he was 2 and his feet were dragging on the floor.
That's when we had to take it away from him.

For his 2ND Birthday we purchased him the train table above and a bunch of
Thomas Trains. He knew all their names regardless of the ones that were all the same color.He could distinguish between the expression on the trains faces and their numbers.
We had Thomas trains, Thomas toys, Thomas pillows, Thomas T-Shirts, and even went to see Thomas in person!

Ethan loved the snow! This was his first experience with Breckenridge and he LOVED it!

He no longer has trouble getting on and off a swing!

Brothers for life!
Ethan brought Lance to me from the Nursery
and he still, 'til this day tells me that he gave Lance to me.

Now he is 6 and wants to become a Marine Biologist,
likes a girl in school named Lily,
rides a two wheel bike, can read by himself,
is sarcastic like his parents, and has four loose teeth.

I look at him and my eyes fill up with tears because
I know in the blink of an eye he will be heading off to college.
But for now I am going to hold on tight and love him with every ounce of my being!



Happy Birthday ETHAN!!!! Lots of love!
V, M & B
(the other Birthday girl today!)

Mama Kat said...

Happy Birthday big boy!! I can SO relate to this. Maile is going to turn six in October and I just don't know where the time went. There was a time where I could not FATHOM her at six years old...and now here she is. :) They're so much fun right now!

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