Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Brunch is truly my favorite meal!!!!
Yia Yia's located in Greenwood Village, CO is one of the best!

The breathtaking patio is where you want to be on a comfortable summer day,
sipping on Bloody Mary's and Mimosas!

Upon my arrival, I was more interested in the desserts than the main course.
One of my weaknesses!
Whoever invented the order of a meal, needs to reconsider.

Flan always makes me smile and brings back warm memories of my upbringing in Romania.

My grandmother would make a huge bowl of custard for me, the old fashioned way, as I sat by the fireplace. She handed me the bowl with a big spoon and let me have at it until it was all gone. I've toned down the portion since.

The choices were numerous, the problem was deciding on just a couple.
Above is an apple, pecan, and strawberry tart.

These dark chocolate brownies are the perfect size for a satisfying mouthful of cocoa.

Round 1: Prosciutto, melon, pineapple, roasted bell pepper, bacon, capers, olives and slightly spicy cucumber salad with red onions. Mmmmmmm, mmmmmmm, good!

Kat ordered the Bloody Mary!

At Yia Yia's brunch is $24.95/pp and for an
additional $6.95 you can order all you can drink Mimosas or Bloody Mary's.

They need to invent Bloody Mary shots for Kat, cause she is good for one sip and then done. I tried to help her out, but unfortunately, I am not any better at the game of drinking.

Round 2: Crab legs, shrimp, hummus, pita, more olives and capers, artichokes, more cucumber salad, smoked salmon, and caprese salad.

Other choices at the restaurant include a creamy truffle mac & cheese, eggs Benedict, the carving station of perfectly roasted and juicy turkey meat as well as beef sirloin,
country potatoes, sausages, and waffles.

You will never walk out of Yia Yia's thinking, they did not have anything I wanted to eat.

We had a pleasant girls hang out on an 82 degree Denver day.

If you feel like spoiling yourself to a Sunday Brunch at a family friendly yet elegant European bistro, go to Yia Yia's. I promise it will not disappoint!

Bon Appetite!

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