Monday, May 18, 2009

A Woman's Best Friend

Bruce is a Puggle. A small dog.
My brother-in-law's dog.

I first met Bruce when I was in Romania. Rares sent me a picture and an introduction:
Bruce, Tina, Tina, Bruce.

He was adorable! I fell in love with him right away. I've always loved dogs, even though I did not have one of my own.

Never had as much time as I needed to commit to one.

I did have a cat though, long story, some other time.

Once I moved to the US, I finally met Bruce in person.
He was older now but still cute. Curious about everything.

We got to dog-sit for a week in February 2007 while the family vacationed somewhere warm.
We stayed home, thrilled to have Bruce's company.

It was the perfect opportunity to verify our ability to take care of a dog.

He walked around tapping away on wooden floors.

We walked him, washed him a million times a day, fed him goodies, let him sleep in our bed.
We loved him. We began to consider getting a dog of our own, but unsure if we could do it full time. Instead, we figured, " Let’s try sharing a dog with someone else".

Weirdly enough, people do that. Nothing came out of it. We probably did not qualify!

Years passed, we saw Bruce once in a while, when visiting the family.
We enjoyed his presence every single time.

May 2009. Grandma died! :( The family goes to Romania to take her home. I see the perfect opportunity and I ask “Can we take Bruce, can we take Bruce?” wagging my inner tail.

We get Bruce, but the minute we do I realize this may have been a mistake.
We were both tired, mentally. Funerals are not easy!

I was also stressed out with my job search & Rares with work itself.


The first day I walked Bruce three times at 2 hour intervals. Perfect reason to go for a walk.

He was behaving pretty well.

He even knew the way home, good memory!

Night time comes, we let him sleep with us. However, we now have darker duvet covers, you can see every single piece of hair.

Bruce is almost five and he sheds like crazy.
Maybe a deficiency or change of seasons.

I looked into supplements that prevent non-seasonal shedding .

He falls asleep, we fall asleep.
He wakes up, we wake up.
Darn it! He moves around......he walks around........ he's having trouble jumping back into bed.

I turn on the light every time he needs to come back to bed.
Falling asleep again... but not for long.

Bruce decides to speak up, there’s something going on in the building, outside the building, in the house. The first night is a killer!Bruce is trying to show what a good guard dog he is, but, hey, could you do this during the day, please!?!?

I start to loathe the idea of having a dog already... But I console myself with the idea that our dog will be different, we get to train him and educate him. Bruce has no education at all, he refuses to listen. When he has his mind set on something, there’s no way of getting through to him.

Good thing he doesn’t ruin our house when Sebastian's away, otherwise he would be exactly like Marley from “Marley and Me”.

He almost did jump out of the car yesterday, through the window! Did not seem as funny to me as in the movie.

I wasn’t laughing either when Bruce’s hyper-excitement gave me several bruises and scratches, through my pants, or when he pulls on his leash to go say hi to other dogs, and then end the interaction growling at each other.

Now, I am very confused. Sebastian tells me that Bruce plays with all the dogs, and they all love him, blah blah.....

How come my interactions didn't turn out as well !?

We only have Bruce since Wednesday and it seems like forever. 4 more days to go! Will keep you posted!



love the new page design! woo hoo!


Anonymous said...

Love the new page!! Are you serious about this dog blog?????

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