Saturday, April 11, 2009

Use Less Paper

Where is there room in your life to use cloth, instead of paper?

I will admit, I have not eliminated all paper from my life, but I have cut down tremendously.

Use towels in the kitchen, instead of paper towels.

Use cloth napkins, instead of paper napkins.

Use fabric shopping bags, instead of paper/plastic shopping bags.

Re-use scrap paper for printing out documents at home.

E-mail cards instead of mailing cards.
Remove your name from Junk Mail....who likes that anyway? 90% of my daily mail is junk mail. Go onto the Privacy Council website and sign up to have your name removed off of credit card offers, catalog lists, sweepstakes, etc.

If you must use paper, purchase RECYCLED! Almost all companies, offer the "Greener Choice" now. It might be a little more expensive, but you are doing something good for OUR PLANET and protecting it for future generations.

A fun option for greeting cards, are ones that are embedded with wild flower seeds in the paper itself. I am sure whoever it is being sent to will appreciate it as well. Target sells them...ask your local greeting card store for help.

Why not try making your own paper out of existing paper products? What a fun alternative and bonding experience with your kids. Click on Pioneer Thinking for the recipe!!

Start today with at least one of the above choices.

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