Monday, March 30, 2009

Get Organized & Make Money

Kate's bear looks mighty lonely..... "Where has all the clutter gone?", he asks. "No one to keep me company on the floor."

Bought shelf dividers from The Container Store
($6 ea.) to contain Kate's clothing. Prior to this, they would tip over and become one big pile. Now I know where the pants are, the bibs, and the hats. I also use the fabric cubes to store socks and shoes.

Color coordinate the closet (lights to darks) and it will look neater! You can put outfits together a lot easier and faster.

The top of the self is separated into four categories. The clear bin
(also from The Container Store) stores all of Kate's age appropriate toys. I can see exactly where & what is in it.

The Winnie The Pooh box holds all of my baby's precious memories thus far, e.g. cards from friends & family, hospital cap & binky, birth certificate, hand & footprints, etc.

The Striped Box is a photo box for the 1st year of Kate's life.

The fourth section are scrapbooks and photo albums.

Easy to reach and easy to see.

Organize by size as well. Especially when you have babies, they outgrow things really fast and most parents have clothes for them from 0-12 months. Start with the current size 0-3 months and work your way up as they grow.

The changing table needs to be kept neat because that is where you spend a lot of time with your child. I always have my diapers and wipes handy. Inside the changing table, I keep Kate's blankets & quilts together on the bottom shelf and extra wipes and diapers on the top shelf. Don't forget to also create a bathing section with towels & lotions.

While organizing the closet, I removed all of Kate's 3-6 months clothing that she has outgrown and took them to a second hand store.

It's a great way to make some extra cash, during these challenging times, while eliminating clutter. Hold on only to clothes that are reminiscent of a tender moment, and dismiss the rest.

Certain consignment stores will pay you outright, while others, after your items have sold. Find out all the details before making a deal. Either way, it will not just sit in storage and collect dust. You can earn more money going this route than a garage sale.

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