Friday, March 27, 2009

Friends Make Tears Fade

Today, I woke up feeling down again.....experiencing a touch of depression....not sure why.......

It was wonderful to take a break last night. Today my dear friends were on a mission to console me and be present. My friend Mirela came by and we ate, drank wine, and had a heart to heart. It's always wonderful to know that someone cares enough to open up about their own life experiences in order to bring comfort to your own. It's not easy sharing deep emotions that makes us sometimes feel inadequate, but the best of friends will do that.

My friend Kat also called to chat and support me during this turbulent roller coaster ride. She too could relate and understands me better than most.....after all we've been friends for almost twenty years. We cried, we laughed, we connected soulfully.

At the end of my day, I was already feeling stronger at the reality that this was just a bump in the road. A bump that was created for me to experience fully and to learn and grow from it. Fran Drescher, from the Nanny, said it best on Oprah, "Sometimes the best gifts, come in the ugliest of packages."

I felt guilty about not being my cheerful self on the blog, but this too is LIFE! And I would not be true to myself or you, if I did not write about my downfalls as well as my accomplishments.

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