Thursday, March 5, 2009

Day 4: Living With Less

Today, the biggest challenge was telling Lance "No" to eating out, because we were gone all day long. I have to make sure we eat well before we leave the house, and that I am constantly carrying snacks in my diaper bag.

No waste...eating all the food in the refrigerator before my next shopping trip.

Saving plastic wrap....usually I will take plastic wrap off a container, plate, etc. and throw it away. Today, if the plastic wrap was covering cookies or vegetables, I took it off and placed it back in my drawer for the next use.

Air dried my hair. Again, we have been lucky to have such beautiful weather, which allowed me to do this. Don't tell my husband, he's a hairdresser!



I try to not even use plastic wrap. go glass.
also sometimes on reusing, the plastics start to break down... yucky old plastic...

Your hair is getting so long! m miss you guys!

Ashley said...

he he!! love the comment about air drying your hair! I occasionally do the same, but I'll nevr tell you know who!
:) Ashley

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