Monday, March 2, 2009

Day 1: Living With Less

Today was Day 1 of Oprah's Challenge. Last night I had my thermostat set at 70 degrees. Oprah suggested 69 degrees but I have a 5 month old and I couldn't do that to her. Thank goodness that its warm here at the moment.

The boys were not allowed to watch television and they had to eat everything on their waste. Ethan became suspicious and asked me, "Mom, does this have something to do with Oprah?" I could not stop laughing as I was nodding "yes". He then asked me to call Oprah and ask her if it would be OK for him to watch his show. When I said "no", then he suggested that we cancel her show.

I made sure not to let the water run as I rinsed my dishes. I filled up my sink with a little bit of water and rinsed them that way. My mother-in-law has been doing it that way for years, but I finally caught on.My dishwasher was filled to the rim before I turned it on.

Did not spend a dime.

The toughest challenge was using cloth instead of paper towels. Unfortunately, I have been using paper towels for so long that I do not own kitchen towels only ones for Christmas. I had no choice but to consume what I already bought.

Overall, the kids and I did pretty well. We even made play-dough the old fashioned way....flour, salt, cream of tartar, and water. Now, we can play with it all week long at no extra charge.

We are living during uncertain times. Look around and see what it is that you can cut down on.


Anonymous said...

LOL!!!!!! that is the funniest thing about Oprah. I can;t stop laughing and it's 6AM! love, kat

Ashley said...

I'm very impressed and wish you lots of luck with the challange.

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