Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Cure Is Human Contact

A friend of mine sent me an e-mail about the "hugging saint" Amma. (Click on name for a full bio) I saw her story on The Sunday Morning Show last year and was inspired by her simple gesture that got so much attention. It goes to show how as human beings all we really need sometimes is a genuine hug to express love.

Mother Theresa traveled the world conveying unconditional love to millions. I keep her book "In The Heart Of The World" by my desk as a reminder of the power of human compassion.

The other day we were walking along the sidewalk and Lance grabbed my hand for no particular reason. Not because we were crossing the street or because I asked him too, just because. It felt wonderful! I looked down and saw his tiny hand in mine and it put a smile on my face and warm waves through my heart.

Ethan too will occasionally just give me a heartfelt kiss and tells me he loves me, and at that very moment, I can conquer the world.

Married couples all too often stop holding hands, kissing, or hugging. It is imperative to do at least one if not all every day to keep the relationship happy. Words are not enough. Human connection happens through touch.

Today, take the time and make contact with those who mean a lot to you. It will instantly brighten your day and yours. Make it a daily habit.

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