Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Cookies for Kids Cancer - Update

We have managed to raise $443 thus far on a P/T basis. I slowed down due to a Spring Fair coming up in ten days. I have claimed a booth (sponsored by one of Kurt's generous clients), where there will be 130 vendors present. In addition we will be receiving a shout-out from a local radio station by donating a few cookies to the crew. I have recruited enthusiastic and talented volunteers.

I am overwhelmed and praying that we can pull this one off. It has huge potential, but can be a total disaster if I am not completely prepared. Needless to say, my friends and I will be doing a ton of baking. My husband is prepared to deal with my chaotic ways. I am convinced that I thrive on adrenaline, otherwise I would not sign up for such an event, unless I was living in a mansion with a gourmet kitchen.

Keep your fingers crossed for us. If we can raise a substantial amount of money for Cookies for Kids Cancer what a fulfilling reward. We need to protect our most fragile assets.

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