Monday, March 23, 2009


Saturday was our big day at the HS Bake Sale. Thank you Sasha for waking up at 6AM to come over and watch the kids.

The day started at 8AM and went through to 4PM. My good friend Joni helped me set up and sell cookies for the first half of the day. She also baked batches of Fabulous Rosewater Sugar Cookies and Gingersnaps. You can check out her website at .

This is the tray of sugar cookies that I made for my most dedicated cheerleader & sponsor Debbie for her Prom Dress Sale that she was holding at a different location. I was relieved to have them turn out after many trials and errors. Learn, learn, learn. Without errors there would be few successes.

Our menu included: cupcakes, gingersnap cookies (just like grandma used to make), chocolate chip cookies, lemon-honey drop cookies, double chocolate brownie cookies, pecan sandies, and rosewater sugar cookies. Our best sellers were the sugar cookies and the lemon cookies. A HUGE THANKS to Shelli and Vicky for contributing the beautiful packaging.

Throughout the day we had meaningful conversations and got a smile on our faces from this adorable little baby girl who fell asleep in her mommy's cart. Too cute!!
We also met a mom who's daughter was a cancer survivor for four years. Her daughter was born with a tumor in her spine but did not get detected until she was 9 years old and it weighed 2 lbs. They removed it and thankfully she is in full remission. Meeting the MOM was an inspiration and it made all the work we put into the sale that much more purposeful.

Thank you also to Kat & Paul for helping with the booth in the afternoon. Their energy and humor was so helpful half way through the day.

The lady they are speaking with creates digital scrapbooks (beautiful work) with her daughter. You can view their work at . Her grandson was diagnosed with spinal bifida which led her daughter to sell all of her scrap booking materials and start her own company. As you can imagine, their medical bills are astronomical even with insurance. Her son is almost 1 and his ankles are so weak that he is unable to walk. The braces alone cost them $1500 and they last only for 5-6 weeks.

We spoke and will try to raise some funds for them too.

Overall, we did not raise enough money to reach our goal. We made $200 (we are still $300 short of meeting our $1000 goal), but the experience and networking was priceless.

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well done Corina! That was a lot of work! and it looks like it paid off!

I'm so far behind on my blog reading! hugs!

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