Monday, February 9, 2009


David Letterman has inspired me to make my own Top 10 List....of questions!!!! Please shed some light on these.

  1. Why does my brain function better when I try to sleep than when I am awake?

  2. Why does my 2nd born spill EVERYTHING?

  3. Why do actors earn a better salary than teachers/doctors?

  4. Why do men hate going to the doctor?

  5. Why does "No" mean "Yes" to a toddler?

  6. Why are we getting rid of payphones, if cellphones "supposedly" cause brain cancer? Would you hand an asthma patient a cigarette in place of his/her inhaler?

  7. Why do "customer service" people hate dealing with customers?

  8. Why does food always taste better in other countries?

  9. Why couldn't I be a cat? People would treat me better!

  10. Why do comedians take themselves so seriously?

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