Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Reward Your Child & Reward Yourself

Two days ago, I purchased a Reward Chart for my sons. I am running out of ways to discipline without yelling or begging, and so I took the Super Nanny route of positive reinforcement. So far, we are in the honeymoon stages of the process, but I will take peace for as many days as it offers me.

The way it works is that whenever Ethan or Lance do something good, there are stickers that get applied to the chart under their name. 7 Stickers earns them a piece of candy, 14 stickers movie of their choice, and 21 is a new toy for no more than $10. What makes it even more efficient is the competitiveness between the two brothers to get that piece of candy first. Mom is very happy about all of the sweetness taking place. They ate their meal, did homework without complaining, helped me with laundry, said "please" and "thank you", shared with one another, and are going to bed on time. Who can argue with that?

If they misbehave, one sticker comes off. That seems to be much more effective with Lance than time outs. Keep your fingers crossed for us! If it lasts an entire week, it will seem like an extended vacation :)

I am also thinking of starting a reward chart for myself to motivate me to exercise and eat better weekly, along with other parts of my life that I tend to neglect.


Anonymous said...

I absolutely love it! I pray this lasts as long as possibly possible!

corn said...

Me too! So far so good :)

Anonymous said...

I like the reward for yourself program. It's rare we think of ways to reward ourselves. It's almost like "huh....?" kitkat

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