Thursday, February 26, 2009

Paint Your Wardrobe

I absolutely love going into Kate's closet to choose her outfit for the day. One reason is because they are so petite and cute. The main reason, is because all her outfits are so colorful and fun.

Now I go into my closet. Hmmmmmm, should I wear black, gray, or white today? And let's not forget my exciting blue jeans or sweatpants.

Yes, I know, we all need the basic and classic black pants, dress, blah, blah, blah.....but where did the rest of the colors go? What happened to yellows, pinks, lavender, greens, etc.

I remember when Oprah had her walk-in closet built on national television and her entire wardrobe was sorted by color. It looked like a rainbow burst inside her closet. If it was mine, it would be only divided into two categories.

Spring is coming and the next piece of clothing that I intend on purchasing will be one of color. Not tacky, and definitely age appropriate. A cool tone to go with my warm complexion. I want to look at my clothes and have the same sense of excitement that I do when I look at Kate's.



you know, before I was a mother, my friends said, I would have a kid who would only dress/where in black... But then I have this amazing girl who for the first 5 years of her life would only wear RAINBOW, then on her 5th Birthday woke up and said her new favorite color is brown. go figure. Yep, my closet is pretty much blue brown and black... Have you seen B's new bedroom makeover? Her walls are brown... sigh. I guess my friends were wrong after all. Brown, the NEW black? :-)

corn said...

I love B's bedroom. I remember the rainbow phase very clearly :) Brown? She's too young to go!!!

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