Thursday, February 26, 2009

A Moment of Silence

Good morning!

Everyday that I am blessed to open my eyes and look at the sky and wake up to my family, it is already a great day. Take a moment of silence today and think about all the things that you have been blessed with.

Don't think about the stress of work, or the dirty laundry, or your debt, just take a moment and appreciate the things in your life that really define who you are. We all have an exterior that we allow the world to see, but at the core is someone else. Someone who is essential to the cycle of life as a whole, and who has an undying spirit that is not of this world.

Look all around and you will find so much to be thankful for. When you hear what little kids like Owen have to face, you realize that the problems we have are so minuscule in the scheme of things.

Take it all in, own it, be grateful for it, and then release all that positive energy back into the Universe.

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absolutley. today is the day!

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