Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Fruit Saga...Part 2

We woke up the next morning and soaked our hands in warm water and managed to get most of the splinters out. Now that the pain was gone, it was time for the taste test, which was the original intention.

As you can tell, the Cactus Pear is a marvelous red color on the inside and I expected the fruit to be bursting with flavor. To my surprise it was quite bland. It tastes like a milder version of a pear and has lots of tiny seeds inside. I used my Barnes & Noble Food Encyclopedia to educate myself on how it should be eaten. The book suggested to eat the pear with cream and sugar. Sounds like it would work, but I wanted to taste the fruit in its raw form.

Next, we moved on to the Ya Pear from China. I have to say I really enjoyed eating this. The Ya Pear is so crisp and refreshing, kind of like biting into a nice cold watermelon. The flavor again is mild but has just the right amount of sweetness. I would definitely buy this again.

This is called the Cherimoya or "Custard Apple" from Latin America. The supermarket stated that it should be eaten chilled and that it is a mix between a mango and banana. I did not taste either. It was actually a tough center with a bitter aftertaste. I referred back to my Barnes & Noble book and their picture of the Cherimoya did not look so smooth. I am presuming that maybe the one I picked out was not ripe enough. I am going to make the effort one more time to purchase the Cherimoya, but this time I will ask for assistance.

Lastly, we have the Pummelo, an ancestor of the grapefruit. If you like grapefruit, you will love the Pummelo. It is larger than a grapefruit, with a light green exterior, lots of flesh, and a bright flavor that jumps around in your mouth. It is still bitter like a grapefruit, but there is just something more lively and enjoyable about the Pummelo.
My goal was to experience fruits that I never considered purchasing before. Life is too short to not enjoy the bounty of mother nature. I will continue to experiment with food......I was thinking I would write "1000 Foods To Try Before You Die". I'm sure someone is already on it as we speak. Take the time to enjoy something new!!

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