Monday, February 2, 2009

The Fruit Saga.....Part 1

What started out as a venture for my family and I to discover new fruits, turned into a prickly nightmare..... On my way home today, I decided to stop at my favorite Asian Market and pick up four types of fruit we have never tasted. The first was the Cactus Pear from Mexico. You would think that the word "Cactus" would be enough of a warning for me, but it wasn't.

I came home and was so enthusiastic about the new fruits I bought, and so were the kids. They swarmed around the table asking me about the different delicacies. The one that particularly grabbed their attention was the Cactus Pear...of course. They each grabbed one and started bouncing it in their palms. So much fun they had.

Ten minutes later we got them ready for bed and put them in their pajamas. "Ouch", yelled Ethan. "What's the matter?" Kurt and I echoed. "I have splinters on my hands, it really hurts," he said with a pout on his face. "Splinters? Where did you get splinters from?" I asked, completely clueless. "I don't know mom."I am sure you are all aware where they came from, but for us the serious detective work had just begun. First, we blamed it on our dining room table, but that didn't make sense. After many questions and dismissals, it was Ethan that finally put the puzzle together. "Maybe it was the new fruit you brought home." Not long before he finished that thought, I felt my fingers throbbing too.

My children went to bed with their hands pointed at the ceiling because it was too painful to sleep on them. The splinters are so small that you cannot see them enough to pull them out. Ethan requested that I sign onto and put in a formal complaint. I love the simple minds of kids.

So my quest for discovery ended in agony. Please stay tuned to find out what other fruit I bought and if they passed the taste test.



oh dear! ha! sorry, not funny, just slightly humorous. ok. seriously, STICKY TAPE, or hair wax remover... and neosporin... We call it the MAGIC STUFF in our house...
QUICK! go get the MAGIC STUFF!

;-) Hope little hands feel better soon!

Corn said...

Thanks for the advice...didn't even consider that!! It's OK to laugh we did too :)

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