Monday, February 16, 2009

A Child's Dream

Today, was a beautiful day for golfing! Once Ethan discovered that people who golf had the potential to make millions, he is determined to become the next Tiger Woods. He became obsessed with golf at the age of 4!

Kate and I hung out in the sun and relished watching our men play.

Lance's number one passion is the guitar, but he doesn't mind trying to keep up with big brother. He mostly hit the tee instead of the golf ball, but he looked darn good while he was doing it.

It is important to encourage and support your children with their goals. As parents, we know what we would like for them to become even before they take their first breath. However, if we want our kids to become successful adults, let's put our own expectations aside and support the dreams that are important to them. After all, we don't want our children to be in a career that they do not have a passion for. Passion equals success and a content individual.

At the end of it all, we had a really nice afternoon.Kurt and I are now taking up golfing and guitar lessons too, thanks to our sons.


Marco Costa said...

Beautiful blog!

CORN said...

Thank you Marco!! Your art is beautiful as well.

Anonymous said...

You all look like you had a fabulous day!! (and what's the deal with the weather over there, noone has coats or hats?!)

CORN said...

It was 60 degrees and gorgeous!!!!

Bill said...

Gosh, how damn tender!! I love the last picture!! -Carey

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