Thursday, January 22, 2009

Mom Gets Rejuvenated

Dear Readers,

After giving my kids such a wonderful day yesterday, I decided it was mommy's turn. I woke up excited to go to my hair appointment with Kurt, as well as, my pedicure appointment. Ethan went to school, Lance went to daycare, which left me and my baby doll Kate. On the way to the shop, I stopped and bought my pedicurist a bottle of mayo and some purple tulips from Whole Foods. Odd combo right? She loves mayo on everything and is a size 0. If I were her I would write a book on the Mayo Diet and make a killing. But of course I am not because, everything sticks to my hips and not hers.

Upon my arrival I found out that my pedicurist ditched me for the second time in a row. I don't think that she can sympathize with a mom of three kids, that is only able to get away once every three months to treat herself. Her reason for not showing......she slept in. I was extremely disappointed, but I tried to turn the situation around in order to have something positive to say on my blog.

I still cut and colored my hair. It's a real treat for me, even though my husband is the hairdresser. Don't envy me ladies, because I only get tended to once a year. To kill time, since I was no longer getting my nails done, we looked at Tenacious D videos on his I-Pod Touch and ate lunch together. Pretty fantastic!!

I came home and decided since this was "my day" I would bribe all the kids into a nap, so that I could take one too. Miraculously, it worked. I layed down with Kate for an hour while my homemade chicken stock was simmering. The nap gave me a new boost.

We ate dinner, did Ethan's homework, and I wanted to treat myself to one more thing before going to bed. A bath!! Something that is unheard of for me since I started having kids.....a quick 10-15 minute shower is much more reasonable, but today was different. Today, I was pampering myself and relishing the moment. I drew a warm bath with candles, my favorite Origins products, and a cup of warm milk with honey to sooth me. It was wonderful for the first ten minutes until my boys stormed in. They found the idea of mom taking a bath hilarious. First off they commented that mom was "too big" to fit in their oversized tub. Lance was puzzled as to why I had a candle burning, so he blew it out. At that moment, I realized that it was time to get out.

Afterwards, I gave myself a mini-facial and trimmed my own nails. All in all it was a relaxing and rejuvenating day for me despite all the pit falls. You need to ride the tide sometimes.

Now I am ready to start a new day tomorrow all rested and glowing.

With love,

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Look'n good Corina! glad you had a mommy day. We always need, but rarely get... Your hair looks great!

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